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About StrongU

Shenzhen StrongU Technology Co., Ltd (StrongU)was founded in shenzhen, China. They are committed to providing high-speed, low consumption computing chips, serving in the block chain industry and artificial intelligence industry. Based on advanced semiconductor technology and high performance chip, realize the vertical application in the block chain industry, including chip design, hardware products, embedded software, PC software and Internet platform development.


About Fusionsilicon

Founded in 2016, fusionsilicon is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. With superior geographical advantages, we quickly integrates professional talents and production resources, successfully creating our own core competitiveness in the cryptocurrency mining industry. Oriented to the global market, fusionsilicon is dedicated to continuously delivering value to the entire industry chain of cryptocurrency mining. The team is comprised of professionals and experts in digital hardware, Internet, and cryptocurrency field, which possess a broad global perspective and excellent strategic planning as well as execution capabilities. On November 12, 2016, the official website of the fusionsilicon released its first batch of pre-sales on the entire network. In 2017, with the great upspring of graphics mining industry, fusionsilicon's overall business has witnessed a doubled growth. So far, fusionsilicon has served in cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts in more than 60 countries world-widely, covering the entire cryptocurrency mining industry chain including miner R&D, cloud mining, miner hosting, and mining pool. 

iBeLink BM-S1 6.2T(6.8T)


Goldshell CK5


Goldshell HS-BOX


Goldshell HS5


Goldshell KD-Box


Goldshell KD5


Goldshell LT5 pro


Goldshell Mini-Doge




Ipollo B1 85T


iPollo G1 Grin Miner


Ipollo G1-Mini


Ipollo V mini 300Mh/s


Ipollo V1 3600m


ipollo v2 5400m